Meet the Squirrels - About Us :D

Take a closer look into our amazing We won’t bite.

We are a group of people who have met, played and had fun together but tend to be easily distracted in our game play which has the hilarious side-effect of causing great harm to us in whatever game we tend to be playing. Best part is we are family friendly in our game play (you won't typically hear anything your children shouldn't) and also tend to play on the Role-play slant (playing along and pretending, sometimes light role-play, sometimes serious role-play)

In April 2016 the distracted gaming group called the Society of Squirrels came to be with the founding members of GreatOrator, ValsNoisyToys, goreae and TexcubsSF. Society of Squirrels was born from our extensive use of the term "Squirrel!" referencing every time we get distracted from whatever task we originally started out doing and comes from the hilarious takes from the movie "UP!" when the dogs would get distracted by squirrels.

Hope you guys enjoy the show and come back often to watch us!


Decorating Squirrel

Occupation:Cat-slave and streamer
Background:I've been out and about since early 2013. Starting with YouTube videos, I branched into the realm of livestreams in early 2014. Been there ever since!


Adventuring Squirrel

Occupation:Mod-pack maker,adventurer
Background:Love Tolkien and Minecraft and wanted something that had both. Decided to try YouTube and streaming have had tons of fun in all of it.


Technical Squirrel

Background:Work at a 501.3c. Got wrangled into streaming by my friends here. Just started streaming yesterday.


Evil Squirrel

Occupation:Mad Scientist/Supervillain
Background:I do the stuff that others are too scared or morally lame to do. I also take delight in cursing my teammates and living in secret bases.


TechnoMancer Squirrel

Occupation: An Actual Engineer...Go Figure.
Background: Science and Magic? Why not!


Caffeinated Squirrel

Occupation:Graphic Designer, Coffee Brewer
Background:Currently taking graphic design courses in college and needing every ounce of coffee I can possibly drink to get through it all. lol